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All of my secrets for BEGINNING YOUR TAROT JOURNEY are waiting for you inside this OH-SO BEAUTIFUL 76-page downloadable PDF WORKBOOK.

Let’s get real for a second


Do you often find yourself wishing you could just pick up a tarot deck and get the answers you need in life, without having to pay for a yet another reading?


Have you felt the call to learn tarot but feel as though it's too late to start now?


Do you not feel psychic or “gifted” enough to learn tarot?


Are you curious to learn more about tarot but are scared to because of the stigma surrounding tarot cards?


Do you wish to learn a new modality that allows you to connect to your intuition on a deeper level?



…until I finally listened to that calling and bought my first tarot deck. However, learning tarot wasn't as easy as I had anticipated, even with the deck's guidebook. I needed something more to guide me.


I needed a system for learning the cards that worked for me, which led me to a well-known tarot reader's site. I caved and purchased her tarot course.


Unfortunately, her method didn't work for me and it was back to square one. After much research and trial and error, I finally formulated a system that finally worked for me! 


The information that seemed illusive and complicated before, seemed to click in my brain and I began absorbing the information with ease.


I quickly recognized that learning tarot was much less about memorizing the cards and more about learning to trust my own intuition and letting it guide me in telling the story of the cards.


The same method that worked for me is exactly the method I teach you in this comprehensive workbook.


After spending years experimenting, tweaking, testing, and trying method after method, I finally distilled this approach to learning tarot into an intuitive, organic process that works with you, not against you.


And finally, for the first time ever, I’m sharing my step-by-step approach with you in the Intro to Tarot Workbook: a beautiful 76-page workbook and guide outlining exactly how to learn tarot for your own personal or professional practice.


Aren't you ready to stop thinking about learning tarot and finally take the leap into greater awareness, deeper insights, and crystal clarity in your life? 


I want this for you… but you have to want it for yourself, too.

What’s inside the course?


MODULE 01: Where to Start


MODULE 02: Learn the Major Arcana


MODULE 03: Learn the Minor Arcana


MODULE 04: Reading the Cards


MODULE 05: Layers of Tarot


MODULE 06: Bonus Resources

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This workbook is meant for you if…


You’re wanting to use tarot for personal use to help navigate life’s ebbs and flows.


You’re a business owner or professional looking to gain deeper insight and readily-available guidance to help you make wiser decisions


You’re on a spiritual journey and want to connect to yourself on a deeper level.


You’re wanting to expand your spiritual business offerings to include tarot.


You’re wanting to become a professional tarot reader.

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Tarot is accessible.
Anyone and everyone can read tarot.
This is meant for you.
Listen to the calling.

Start your tarot journey today!

Wouldn't it be amazing to…

…be able to navigate a tricky situation without needing to rely on the opinions of others?

…gauge the pros and cons of a decision by simply pulling a couple of cards?

…obtain insight into your current career path with a simple reading?

…gain insight into to the truth of a matter without doubt?

…get advice from your higher self/guides whenever you please?

…gain an objective perspective when the situation is too close to home?

…get general advice for your day/month/year?

… help a friend in need with a tarot reading?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you need the Intro to Tarot Workbook now!

Ok, so how do i get started?

This workbook is truly a labor of love. I poured my heart and soul into this for over a year, so releasing the Intro to Tarot Workbook out into the wild is an absolute dream come true. The knowledge, wisdom, and care that is contained in this workbook is priceless, and I'm committed to making tarot accessible for you.


This is why I've discounted the Intro to Tarot Workbook from $175 to $47 so that you can feel the transformative power of tarot in your life starting today! 


Regular price $175

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A year from now, you may wish you had started today.


It's time to take the leap. Let's go!